You have to imagine it’s Alan Whicker saying that…
This is my first attempt at blogging. The title, Topsyturvydom, is intended to suggest a few characteristics: quirky, wide-ranging, sceptical – what newspapers always used to call ” a sideways look at…” I’m interested in lots of topics, and hope to post on anything and everything, but mainly cultural stuff – literature, music, art.
Right now, I’m intrigued by what the blogging phenomenon means, and where it’s going. The cliche about the web is that a) it’s great, because anyone can publish on it and b) it’s awful, because anyone can publish on it. In other words, its great strength is also its great weakness. It seems to me though, that the greater access that people have to an exchange of ideas and opinions, the better. The web is a great leveller in that respect.
I’m off now to look at some other blogs I’ve found of interest. Maybe they’ll inspire me to write something more interesting than the above.

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