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Stephen’s Web ~ by Stephen Downes ~ Welcome

Here’s someone with lots to offer those of us exploring online and distance education. A fascinating site, and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

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  1. Smashing enthusiasm for distance learning, communicating and encouraging everyone to have a go at it. Could spend all day there as he has so many articles and links to many interesting places.

    Good photos as well. I think I’d like him in ‘real-life’

    There’s a book I read for an OU course (E211 but only lasted the presentation year) with a chapter by Trilling and Hood called ‘We’re Wired, Webbed and Windowed, Now What?’about the Knowledge Age and the 7Cs as Knowledge Age survival skills as opposed to the 3Rs.

  2. There’s quite a few articles come up in Google when you enter their names. They were very inspiring to read as the course was called ‘Learning Matters’and although it was an ‘E’ course it was technology based but it only lasted a year because it was seen as too progressive and only 120 students registered for it so it was a financial disaster for the Course Team.

    Many of us petitioned the OU to give it another chance as it was a great learning experience but no luck.

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