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BBC NEWS | England | Northamptonshire | School gives pupils f-word limit
Another brilliant educational initiative. I wonder where they got 5 as the limit? Is there a sliding scale of punishment? If you use the offending word 15 times in a lesson, do you get twice the detention you would have got if you’d used it only ten times? Will the tally on the board be used to produce a league table at the end of the year? The headteacher says that he is introducing this rule because swearing is already part of the children’s (sorry, “young adults'”) vocabulary. A bit of a fatal flaw in his thinking, there, I feel. I imagine underage drinking is part of their culture as well – so is he proposing one Carlsberg Special Brew a lesson is OK, but half a bottle of vodka gets you sent to the headmaster’s office?
What’s wrong with saying, “Look, we all know you swear – as do your teachers on occasion – but a lesson is not an appropriate place for it, and it won’t be tolerated.”? Schools constantly go on about how they are preparing children (sorry, youngsters) for the world of work – you wonder how their foul-mouthed habits would go down with customers in a shop, or clients in an office.

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  1. Looks like teacher will be spending all his or her time putting little marks on the board. If there are 20 to 30 children in the class and each is allowed to swear 5 times then that is going to be a good game for the class to play isn’t it? – And teacher won’t be able to do anything about it because it is allowed. Ridiculous!
    Can’t they see that it will be a big joke? Which class can achieve the highest score will soon become the basis of a playground betting system.

  2. Absolutely right, Kat. You can picture the scene: “Miss, I didn’t say fuck, it’s not fair. I said duck. I wouldn’t say fuck. But Darren said fuck…and so on ad infinitum.

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