Lessons in arrogance

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Schoolboy told Pc he was ‘scum’
More on this hilarious case, which I have mentioned before. I wonder if the father has ever stopped to think what he can possibly achieve? In the highly unlikely event of a successful prosecution, is he really going to send his son back to this apparently appalling school which has had the gall to expel his son? Apparently, he feels that raising the matter of his son’s public drunken and abusive behaviour aged 13 is fighting dirty – see here
As the secretary of the Independent Schools Council says: “”What you have is a boy who has 200 disciplinary offences in the last year. That’s one a day. So on a daily basis, to be blunt about it, he’s putting two fingers up to the school. And his father, instead of saying to his son, ‘Look, you’ve got to abide by school rules,’ is saying to the school, ‘You’ve got to put up with my son’s behaviour.” I’m sure many state schools are very jealous of the ability public schools such as Marlborough have to expel any pupil who doesn’t conform. The policy in state schools is to punish financially schools who expel disruptive pupils. Of course, if Mr Tony really was serious about education, education, education, he’d implement the long standing Labour pledge to abolish private schools, thus ensuring that the state system had an injection of well-motivated middle and upper class pupils. But don’t get me started on the school system. Instead, just check out this report on a school in Finland, and reflect that they have no national curriculum…
Update: the judge threw the case out today, Thursday, in a widely anticipated outcome. So sonny boy will have to be inflicted on another school. I’m sure the lawyers are watching with interest.

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