Diplomat ‘was real Shakespeare’

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | Diplomat ‘was real Shakespeare’…to which the most obvious reply is “yeah, right.” I wonder why there is such an industry trying to prove that Shakespeare didn’t write the plays. Jonson, who had an even less privileged background than Shakespeare, has never, to my knowledge, been doubted as the author of his plays, but most of the anti-Shakespeare brigade rest their case on some variation of the “he wasn’t bright enough to have written the works” argument. And whilst there is little we actually know for sure about Shakespeare, there is a historical record that documents his life, and various contemporaries said things in praise of him. I doubt whether the authors of this latest study have found any documents in which someone says definitively that Shakespeare didn’t write the plays. See also, the claims of the Marlowe Society that Marlowe wasn’t actually killed in a tavern brawl, but lived in exile – some believing that he wrote some “Shakespeare” too.
This book will join the rest of a surprisingly long list of books which reveal – absolutely definitely – that Shakespeare’s plays were written by Bacon, Queen Elizabeth, the Bishop of Llandaff, a committee, the Earl of Southampton, the Earl of Oxford, the Earl of Rutland etc etc…
Of course, there is a radical alternative to these brilliant theses: maybe some bloke from Stratford was behind all those plays.

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