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Kat has posted recently about mottoes. This seems a good one to me. A snippet in the Guardian sent me there. Seems like a very apt motto for these troubled times. It’s a great bookshop too…

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  1. I think I will buy one the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters from that page or make one of my own and put it up as part of the Xmas decorations. ( Not that I put up many decorations. ) I also like the saying ‘Have nothing that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’ It’s got me wondering how many useless presents I will get this year. I know that sounds very ungrateful and it is the thought that counts but what is the point of all this money being spent on things that people do not really want or appreciate? Considering that there is such a lot of poverty in the world I think the commercialisation of Christmas and the pressure to be part of it, is obscene. Many people cannot afford it and they are left in debt.
    Sorry – I’ll rant about it on my own blog later.

  2. Feel free to rant away. I agree with everything you say. We have used the Amazon wish lists this year on the basis that people will insist on buying presents for us, so we may as well have something we’d actually like.

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