All done with mirrors

Our local paper reveals today that there has been a spate of thefts of Volkswagen wing mirrors by a gang they are imaginatively dubbing the VW mirror gang. It doesn’t have quite the ring of The Black Hand gang, or the Jesse James gang, does it? The thing is, my VW wing mirror was nicked a few weeks ago. I assumed it was some scally whose mirror was broken and who fancied mine instead. It’s now clear that VW wing mirrors across the Fylde are being nicked. But why? What’s the market? Do blokes sidle up to other blokes in pubs saying “Fancy a VW Wing mirror mate? Only a tenner.” Or what? Anyone out there know what might motivate a criminal to target VW (and not any other cars) wing mirrors?

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  1. I don’t know why just VW wong mirrors but I have an eighteen year old Peugeot 205 Cabriolet and some time ago all my lovely original trims were stolen leaving my liovely little car looking raped and pillaged.

    There are two more cars exactly the same model as mine in the area. The other week I passed one that was parked up and I know – I just know- that this Peugeot is wearing my trim.

    I wanted to nick it back but I’m a coward.

  2. Yes, you could be right- but there was obviously a purpose in stealing the trim. In the case of the VW gang, what are they going to do with a load of wing mirrors?

  3. No, I hadn’t Kat – but now I have. 45 items found – not sure if this is suspicious or not. Most of the sellers are based in London. I don’t know much about the criminal mind, but it seems a lot of fuss to go to – picture, ebay registration, posting etc – for a modest return on your ill-gotten gains.

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