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It was inevtiable that the impasse over the pay offer would lead to local bargaining, and I’m amazed the union negotiators didn’t do more to head it off, especially as they are apparently blessed with telepathic powers, according to this report, where the chair of the education committee says “ one member of the committee had asked union representatives why they had not put the employers’ offer to their members in a ballot.

And the unions had explained they felt this would waste time when they knew what the outcome would be.”

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  1. The latest from the Employers Association says they don’t intend to move to local bargaining or withdraw the current offer. But it does seem likely to happen eventually – particularly as some employers are applying pressure by threatening suspension or docking pay…

  2. Maybe… we’ll see. I wouldn’t mind a small bet, if I were a betting man, that pay will be negotiated locally within the next five years.

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