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Our local paper, The Lytham St Annes Express – and I’m not providing a link because it’s such a useless publication – recently saw fit to splash a large photo of Abi Titmuss on the front page. The reason was, apparently, that she might – note the conditional – make a visit to Lytham. The article then goes on about the burgeoning celebrity culture in Lytham, brought about by its trendy bars and restaurants. The list of celebrities is awe-inspiring: apart from La Titmuss, there’s Phil Vickery, Andrew Ridgeley, Britt Ekland…and, er, that’s it. Just run that by me again, will you? So that’s a man who’s married to a fat lady on the telly, the uncreative half of a pop duo that broke up twenty years ago, and a woman whose main claim to fame is that she used to be married to Peter Sellers. I’m all agog. Truly, Lytham is the new St Tropez…

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  1. Ah yes! The LSA Express!

    A veritable tome of local adverts and house sales published on a weekly basis. It’s website does prove that the printed word will never die. I presume that there were no major Lytham ‘housing’ developments, town hall or Ashton Garden disputes to report that week.

    Still … it is miles better than the free locals (Citizen/Reporter) and the ink doesn’t come off on your hands so much nowadays.

    P.S. I found your blog courtesy of the North West Enquirer website and am enjoying it thus far. I have a few months archives to catch up on but am looking forward to the ‘trawl’. Couldn’t see your blogger profile though.

  2. A ha – you speak from a position of some knowledge, it seems. My profile disappeared when I did a redesign. I’ll see if I can restore it.
    You are, of course, absolutely right in all you say about the LSA Express.
    Pablo Fanque – didn’t you used to run a fair???

  3. Sir, your memory does you proud. Sadly the springs on the trampoline don’t … erm … spring any more, they sag. Mr Henderson just isn’t up to doing one summerset never mind ten, and as for Henry the Horse … well let’s just say the vet is spending an awful lot more time with him. I suspect The Last Waltz isn’t too far away. I heard that some time ago in the sixties a young scally bought one of my posters and tried to make a name for himself using MY ARTISTES! Damn cheek! Wonder whatever became of him?

    On a more serious note your profile is now very apparent and accessible. Many thanks for that. My main claim to fame with the LSA Express is having a letter published in it some years ago when the Safeway expansion plans were at their height and the ‘Save Our Ashton Gardens’ debate (and group) started up. I supported Safeway’s plans and had a reply from the SOAG leader with some extremely ill informed assumptions about my knowledge and stance on the issue. The writer was presumptive and condescending in the extreme which I suppose explains why they (all right … she!) subsequently became a Councillor! I had a response published but nothing further. I suppose there were after all, lost cats and chip pan fires more worthy of reporting than a verbal spat.

    You will have gathered I live in the SA part of LSA, however I’m off for the next week to Boston (sadly it’s the less glamorous Lincs. variety compared to the Mass. of Cheers fame – it’s a truism that beggars can’t be choosers) with the present Mrs F and young Master F so I’ll be catching up and no doubt posting thereafter.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. It’s surprisingly easy to get a letter published in the LSA Express. I’ve had several, under several different names…
    I too am in the SA bit, though hoping to move back to Manchester soon.
    Enjoy Boston. I used to live in Notts, so I know the area a bit.

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