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This dilemma was recently faced by me and ‘er indoors. Our solution appears as a comment way down the page. This marks a huge advance for us, as about ten years ago when we decided we were really really going to get rid of some books, we managed about three nominees between us in about five hours. Mine was Sweet’s Anglo-Saxon Reader, last consulted circa 1975. What’s more, I’ve still got it…

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  1. I have difficulty in getting rid of my son’s books. I’ve bought him hundreds over the years and his bedroom is piled high with them. One year I gave a batch to the school to sell in the Christmas Fair. We arrived early for this event as I was helping out. My son scuttled off but returned with two friends in tow – carrying books. My son had bought them all back and had got himself a huge discount for buying so many.

  2. Very interesting discussion over there on the Guardian blog (and nice to see what Kathryn Hughes looks like). I also have terrible trouble getting rid of books. I’m working on the bookstall at our school fair tomorrow and have managed to put together 2 carrier bags full of paperbacks but unfortunately I shall be bringing home three or four bags full to replace them.

  3. Coming late with this comment…but the reason you can’t chuck Sweet’s AS Reader has nothing to do with the brilliance of “swa swa wulf” (if I’ve remembered that correctly!) or (“ofermod” – ditto, it’s been 25 years since I urgently leafed through the thing) and everything to do with that book representing your gilded youth.

    That’s my theory since I feel oddly wistfully protective about my own dusty copy.

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