James Bond in Openshaw?

This is worrying. I can only imagine that it’s an example of the government’s joined-up thinking: Tessa Jowell reckons all those BBC types will make loadsamoney when they swap their bijou London residences for grim northern terraces, and as a result will have lots to spend at the shiny new casino…

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5 Responses to “James Bond in Openshaw?”

  1. Oh dear. Blackpool must be gutted.

    As for the artist’s impression of how it ‘might look’ – it won’t look anything like that unless everyone’s lost their cars on the roulette wheel!

  2. Well Rob, as John Reid wasn’t involved presumably that would make him Dr No. John Prescott is obviously Goldfinger (no explanation necessary there methinks) and Tessa Jowell is undoubtedly the one and only Rosa Klebb. Keep your eyes on her nifty footwork or suffer the consequences! 😉

  3. Rosa Klebb? Doesn’t she play for Arsenal?
    It is an odd prospect. Manchester, as you will know, is the centre of the universe, but even I am forced to admit there are bits that could do with improvement. And building a sodding great mega casino isn’t my idea of improvement.

  4. I guess it’s nothing to do with the impending BBC relocation to give them something to ‘entertain’/fritter public money on their guests?

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