Like, you know

More from Taylor Mali. Once again, he’s absolutely on the button with this demolition of vagueness in speech.
Hat tip: anonymous.

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  1. Thanks Rob! I can always depend on you to send me off into the ether for some interesting and enlightening procrastination! Slam poetry! Brilliant. Just watched half a dozen or so…

  2. I can’t help it – something about him gives me the creeps. Maybe it’s the self-satisfied American intensity. That’s not to deny his achievements, it looks as though he’s quite inspirational. But there’s something I can’t put my finger on….These things always have a trajectory. Slam poetry, sounds like a contact sport doesn’t it?

  3. Don’t know why the intensity has to be self-satisfied, anonymous. Poetry slam is, as I understand it, a kind of combat by poetry where poets oppose each other until someone (presumably at the behest of the audience) wins. What it means for Mr Mali, it seems, is that he’s developed a very well-honed performance technique. One reason I tend to avoid poetry readings is because the readers are usually so bad at reading their own stuff…

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