Schools ‘avoid Holocaust lessons’

BBC NEWS | Education | Schools ‘avoid Holocaust lessons’
Who do they think they’d offend? The local Nazi children?

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  1. It is ridiculous to banish such history from the classroom, but thankfully some schools are still teaching the ‘topic’. My daughter is 14 and is currently learning about the holocaust, in albeit a somewhat sanitised version.

    Lucky for my daughter, she was priveledged to have dinner last week with Paul Lawton, who was 21 years old when he rolled into Bergen-Belsen on 15th April 1945 with the 11th Armoured Tank Division. He talked to her in great detail about the war and the effect it had on him. He went on to work in the UN and became a senior officer in the WHO, and has spent his life trying to prevent such atrocities happening again.

    As you say, who on earth is going to be offended?!

  2. She *was* lucky! We should never lose sight of the atrocities that are done to whole peoples – and I can’t think of any good reason to suppress any of this detail.

  3. It is absolutely right to learn about it. The moment people forget is when history starts repeating itself..

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