Geography professors perform the YMCA

I can’t see my English colleagues doing this somehow…

These guys from Manchester’s Geography Dept performed for their Christmas do. I wonder what would be appropriate for other departments?

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  1. Hi Buggles! I see you are on the OU 20th century texts course. Macneice is one of my favourites. I strongly urge lots of references to pylons in your TMA…:-)

  2. Ooh, MIAOW, Rob Spence!!
    What then, may I ask, would be your suggestion for the literature side of the department? May I offer “Don’t Know Much”? 🙂

  3. I think you should reveal yourself, anonymous…
    I was only thinking of double negatives really..
    For Lit people, the old Rodgers and Hart classic “I Could Write a Book” or for something rockier, “You Can’t Judge A Book by Looking at the Cover”. Or, if we wanted a bit of doo-wop harmony, “Who wrote the Book of Love”, or, for a bit of intertextuality, “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits.

  4. While our English Department is defintely unlikely to follow suit, next time you’re around the place you really need to talk to assorted members of the Art and Education staff!!!!

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