Really Top Tips

I was sent some publicity material by the academic jobs website One of the items is a calendar, on which is printed a series of patronising “tips”- sample tip for writing CVs: “Don’t use meaningless introductions”. Doh! THAT’s why I never got that vice-chancellor’s job!
My favourites, though have to be the number 1 and number 4 top tips for CVs:
1. Don’t apply for a job your not qualified for
4. Don’t forget to check for spelling and typos

My advice- don’t go to for advice…

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4 Responses to “Really Top Tips”

  1. Obviously their qualified proofreader was having an off-day then…
    It really, really irritates me to see spelling mistakes and poor grammar, particularly from publications such as this which should know far better. There is more and more of it about and I fume every time I see it.

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