This Just In: Man Splits up with Girlfriend

This was the top story on BBC News website today. When are we going to get over this obsession with celeb royals?
Maybe they should be giving more attention to this.
And all hail Ed Stourton, for skewering the desperately feeble “Chief Operating Officer” on the Today programme.
That this came the day after the return of £6 million a year Woss to the airwaves simply added to the impression of a corporation that really needs to sort itself out.

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7 Responses to “This Just In: Man Splits up with Girlfriend”

  1. But this non story will probably receive more hits than anything else on the BBC website. Other than the Nigerian car thief turned goat story, which had my colleagues all excited this morning.

  2. A small voice at the back of my head keeps whispering “It’s my bloody money”. It’s my money that keeps J Ross in panatellas and Gordon’s gin and it’s my money which pays the BBC Chief Operating Officer.

    Rum do isn’t it?

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