It’s nice to be recognised…

…especially by the mighty Normblog. Thanks Norm!

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  1. No, obviously not, Harriet:-)
    It is interesting actually, because I could have gone on and on with that, but, as you know, Norm encourages the concise reply. So I stopped- and they were all men. That does say something about me, I suppose. But: May Sinclair, Ella Fitzgerald, Penelope Fitzgerald, Norma Waterson, Stacey Kent, Barbara Bonney, Barb Jungr, Harriet Devine… OK?

  2. Bonjour Madame – fame is relative, and you are relatively much more famous, as the long line of your devoted blog followers will attest.
    Leacock – yes, I remember reading all his work as a teenager. Norm's very strict about categories, so only one humorist allowed- I could have gone for Beachcomber, Groucho Marx, Alan Coren, Alphone Allais, Flann O'Brien, or indeed Leacock, but I think Plum has given me the most pleasure over the years.

  3. Given that stroking cats is one of your favourite hobbies, please give Boris a warm stroke from me too.
    To tell the truth, I am rather puzzled by the new phrase you chose to introduce yourself on the right column – "Eng lit guy" – not the kind of language we were used to on this blog… A dramatic move must have occurred, I guess.
    GL, who still visits your blog – usually in a silent mode though!

  4. Boris has been duly stroked. No change there, then!
    The "Eng Lit guy" was a joke really – I keep getting spam that starts "Hi, I'm Paul and I'm one of those internet guys…"
    So, no dramatic changes in my ststus. I'll change it back.

  5. Oh! dear, I am now very embarassed to see that you changed the "Eng lit guy" mention because of what I wrote! I am really sorry.
    I was rather thinking that you were considering getting more musical, since you have written several music-related posts lately. I was foreseeing a change in your editorial line. Then, I thought people from the music field would use such words – sounding more cool and trendy than formal language, but you know better than me about that.
    Thank you for the strokes to Boris, I am glad to know that this won't change.
    Wishing you a nice week end,

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