What are the chances?

At the top of this page, you’ll see a “next blog” button, and clicking it takes you to a random blog. In an idle moment, I clicked yesterday, and on the third click, was presented with a blog I didn’t know, but which was written by someone I do know, and featured pictures of many people I know. Since, according to this, there are currently 133,000,000 blogs – and OK, Blogger is only one platform, but probably the biggest – what are the chances of this happening? And should I buy a lottery ticket this week?

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  1. Spooky indeed.Hi Rob. I came across your excellent blog while researching something I was writing on the Writers (sic) Bureau. Would you be interested in seeing what I have written? Padraig Colman spikeyriter@gmail.com. I can’t seem to find you on Facebook.

  2. Amazing story! Yes, you must definitely buy a lottery ticket! 🙂

    In case it doesn't work I wish you a Happy New Year, good luck and many interesting and beautiful moments in 2010!

  3. Oh yes, that concert is always a must. Good to hear that it improved your mood! I'm looking forward to next year's concert where we will see (maybe for the first time?) an Austrian conductor, Franz Welser-Moest.

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