A little while ago, in a fit of new year uncluttering, I signed up via a facebook group to a campaign to stop junk mail. Their website is a treasure trove of advice on how to stop the deluge of unsolicited junk that arrives on a daily basis. I used their web widget to get rid of junk mail from a variety of sources, and it is certainly making a difference.
Then, yesterday, came this:

So, Mr Meikle with the showbiz signature, you think that, instead of simply crossing my address off the list of houses you are going to dump your useless directory on, I should deface my front door with a 6″ by 4″ sticker in your corporate colours to prevent your operative delivering something once a year? It seems their response to a request to stop sending me junk is… to send me some junk. Here’s the offending sticker:

I shall be contacting Mr Meikle, and will report back.
Update, 1st March. Reply from Thomson:
Thank you for your email. The stickers are offered as an option to make it easier for our distributors to identify a non-delivery household. Naturally, we respect your choice not use the sticker and will add your address to our list for non-delivery.

Thank you for your enquiry,

Yours sincerely,

Yo. Green
Hmmm – how will they know my address, since I’ve communicated by email? Not very convincing is it?
Top image: Fiasco

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