Norman Geras, 1943- 2013

I never met Norman Geras, but he’s been part of my daily life for years. His blog was always entertaining, intelligent, and thought-provoking. We had a shared interest in cricket, and I sometimes had exchanges with him via Twitter or e-mail about England’s chances against his beloved Australia, or who was the best spin-bowler of all time. He kindly invited me to feature as a guest on his blog, thus giving Topsyturvydom its biggest ever spike in readership. Others better qualified than I am have written about his standing in the field of political analysis. What struck me about all his work  was how he managed to write about complex subjects in scrupulously clear prose. I wish more academics would understand that, if you can’t communicate your brilliant insights clearly, then there’s no point having them. Norm was a brilliant communicator, and I will miss him.

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