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Constellation of Genius

 The footnotes – and there are plenty of them – in Kevin Jackson’s brilliant account of Modernism in 1922 are printed in a fetching purplish shade. I wondered, as I read, enthralled, whether this was a subliminal allusion to Eliot’s phrase from The Waste Land,  when Tiresias observes the assault by the  clerk on the… Continue reading Constellation of Genius

The Meaning of Recognition

If you go, and you should, regularly, to the Clive James website, you’ll now find, in the links on the Cultural Amnesia page, a link to my review. I’m chuffed at that, and so I bring you, by commodious vicus of recirculation back to Topsyturvydom.

Cultural Amnesia

“It is so immense, I have no words for it” was T.S. Eliot’s reaction to Wyndham Lewis’s The Apes of God. Old Tom was possibly just relieved that he had escaped being skewered on Lewis’s satirical blade, unlike virtually everyone else in the precious hothouse world of the London literary scene in the twenties. I… Continue reading Cultural Amnesia

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