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The Trip to Jerusalem

I’m tempted to use “the mixture as before” for the third successive post. This is the next story in the Bracewell mysteries, and all the familiar ingredients are there: dastardly acts of sabotage by the Earl of Banbury’s Men; a player who is not what he seems; the abduction of one of the boy-players; marital… Continue reading The Trip to Jerusalem

The Merry Devils

The second volume of the Bracewell mysteries is very much the mixture as before. The familiar figures of the Earl of Westfield’s players, presided over by the calm and commanding presence of Nick Bracewell, encounter a series of baffling events that threaten their livelihood. Our hero’s wit, persistence and fortitude allow him to engineer the… Continue reading The Merry Devils

The Queen’s Head

I came across Edward Marston, a  new-to-me author the other day, and was impressed enough by his prolificity to have a go at one of his period detective stories. Marston has published over forty detective novels, all historical, as befits someone whose background is as a historian. What attracted me particularly to The Queen’s Head… Continue reading The Queen’s Head

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