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Classic FM tell me that, to mark Mothering Sunday, they are podcasting Jane Austen novels, or, as they put it “complete abridged re-telling of these romantic classics”. That’s got to be better than the shortened abridged version, hasn’t it?

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  1. Isn’t “complete abridged” a bit of an oxymoron?! And what was wrong with the full version – or is it just part of the growing trend in the ‘snippet culture’?

  2. “Isn’t “complete abridged” a bit of an oxymoron?! ” Well, that was my point really. Obviously, Classic FM – which tends not to play more than one movement of a symphony – is very much part of “snippet culture”.

  3. There’s neither SENSE nor SENSIBILITY in shortened abridged versions. And re-telling seems even worse. But maybe my aversion to abridged versions is just a PREJUDICE? However,I wouldn’t take PRIDE in reading this ..
    Maybe with a little PERSUASION they would read the full and totally unabridged version …

  4. You’ve hit on something there, Francessa. I can see it now. Classic FM presents “Pride” by Jane Austen. Next week: “Sense”.
    Then: “Northanger”.
    Finally: “Em”.

  5. This would be the edgier, twenty-first century, gritty, urban Jane Austen, wouldn’t it? It would feature a tough female detective – perhaps Em, or even M. I can see the stark images on the covers now, each one in the series given a single-word title, embossed in black on the cover:
    Pride, Anger, Man…
    Jane Austen’s too prissy a name for our auuthor though. Maybe Jack Austen…

  6. I’ve just seen the advertisement for the new film about Jane A. Its certificate is 12- “contains mild sex references and scenes of boxing”. Now that would spice things up – Jane indulging in mild sex after a few rounds with Mr Collins…

  7. Yes indeed. Can’t wait for this movie — maybe I should take my 3rd year Jane Austen students along for a change from all that serious lit crit.

  8. Hi Harriet – the film has the inevitable American in the title role, though not Renee this time but Anne Hathaway ( I’m sure I’ve heard of her somewhere before…) who, from the publicity looks a trifle more glamorous than Jane ever managed.
    At least it doesn’t seem to be going down the “JA never married so she was obviously a lesbian” route favoured by some critics of late.

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