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What are the chances?

At the top of this page, you’ll see a “next blog” button, and clicking it takes you to a random blog. In an idle moment, I clicked yesterday, and on the third click, was presented with a blog I didn’t know, but which was written by someone I do know, and featured pictures of many… Continue reading What are the chances?

Not a genius

On the shared items bit, there’s an article from John’s blog about the blog readability thing. It points out that the code you enter to get the badge also contains a link to a cash advance site, thus helping that site to rise up the Google ratings. I had actually spotted that, so I removed… Continue reading Not a genius

Amazon links

I knew this blogging lark would make me rich. By putting a link to Amazon here, I’ve already amassed, in just over a year, £1.60 in referral fees. That’s right – over ten pence a month! The thing is, once you are used to riches of this magnitude, you just want more, so I’ve signed… Continue reading Amazon links

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