Good news for wine drinking curry fans…

…like me, in this report:
Spice Healer

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7 Responses to “Good news for wine drinking curry fans…”

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me! Although the average red-bloodied male may not totally agree with the vegatarian idea.

  2. That is a one sided view on line, no hint of blue then?
    But on a serious point the curcumin idea may hold great potential for many people whether they are vegetarian or not. But who will agree to be the guinea pigs these days?

  3. Enough with the guinea pigs! They are herbivorous, existing mainly on grass.
    I linked to the article because it seemed to me to be yet another example of how nature provides protection against disease. There seems to be growing awareness of the dangers of a western, processed food diet.

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