Ken Robinson on creativity

This is a really funny, but also profound piece of thinking that makes some crucial points about the nature of education and creativity.

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  1. Thank you Rob, for a very well spent 20 minutes.

    The death of creativity is a biggie, and I agree that fear of failure is one of the main reasons for its decline. My little one said that writing a story was boring because the title, the beginning, middle and end all “had to be the same as everyone else”. Scaffolding, as they call it, is good for hanging, but not for creative writing.

    I also loved the disembodied profs bit and this has reassured me that I do not want to be an academic full time. I’ve been living in my head for nearly 10 years now, and my body has started to disintegrate! I want a happy medium.

    As for education and preparation for the “future” we cannot even imagine… this slide show really made me think!

    Thanks for sharing.

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