The seal

Nearly letting February go by without a post – good job it’s a leap year and I can just sneak under the wire.
Now that my profile doesn’t show a seal picture, the tagline, “the faint aroma of performing seals” is a bit redundant, I suppose. But I’ll leave it, as a reminder of one of my favourite songs, the Rodgers and Hart classic “I Wish I Were in Love Again” which contains the brilliant lines:
When love congeals
it soon reveals
the faint aroma of performing seals
the double-crossing of a pair of heels.
I wish I were in love again…
Not many of my tiny group of readers have noticed the reference, but Naomi Hyamson, mezzo-chanteuse and, improbably, Times journalist, did. The song’s in her repertoire, along with lots of Weimar-era Brecht / Weill. Originally from the show “Babes in Arms”, though not featured in the Mickey Rooney/ Judy Garland film version, the song is usally treated as a lively comic number, though I bet Naomi doesn’t sing it like that. Certainly, Joni Mitchell’s version, on her “Both Sides Now” album, exudes a desperate yearning. So- now you know.

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  1. I’ve really tried to appreciate that Joni album but I just can’t get into it. Her 40-a-day voice is more suited now to those mature classics, but I still prefer her songs to seagulls to her paeans about seals. And I did spot the reference! Just took a while…

  2. Went right over my head, I must confess, so it’s good to be enlightened.

    We have a friendly performing seal here on the MI, who steals the bait from children’s crabbing lines.)

  3. Glad to see you back in the blogworld, if only briefly. I love that song — I used to have a great LP called Ella Fitzgerald Sings Rogers and Hart, on which it featured. Rogers and Hart so much better than Rogers and Hammerstein — every song was a winner — amazing lyrics.

  4. Petal – welcome to Topsyturvydom. I know what you mean about Joni’s voice, and the whole thing is wildly overarranged, but I like to listen to it as an occasional indulgence, like eating a very calorific chocolate. I loved the cat photos on your blog. I need to post some of ours again, but I see they are still there on an old flickr account.
    Juliet – it must be so much fun to have a seal around- though we do get performing squirrels here in the urban wasteland.
    Hi Harriet – yes, all a bit hectic at the moment, and something had to give, but I thought I’d better keep my hand in.

  5. I was at a party and everyone sang a song. I don’t sing. The others chose songs we all knew and we joined in to help them out.

    It was my turn and emboldened with wine I began to sing ‘I wish I were in love again’ and of course nobody joined in because they’d never heard it before.

    By the time I was warbling

    The pulled out fur of cat and cur
    The fine mis-mating of a him and her
    I’ve learned my lesson
    But I wish I were in love again – in love again

    The entire party was silent – whether in admiration or pity I didn’t ask.

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