Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | The price of unfairness
More on the Marlborough boy. Mark Lawson points out that the case is symptomatic of a society in which people think money entitles them to anything. I’m reminded of a student who didn’t attend, nor do any work, and didn’t respond to messages asking him to contact me. When I finally tracked him down, I told him I couldn’t see in what way he could be classified as a student. He was most put out – angry even – and insisted that he was a student. When I asked him on what basis he could claim that, against all the evidence, he said “I’ve paid my fees.” I hadn’t the heart to tell him his fees were no more than a contribution to the cost of his education, and that they would probably account for no more than a couple of months of his course. What concerned me more was his notion that simply by registering, and paying his tuition fee, he became a student – no study was involved, apparently.

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