BBC NEWS | Politics | Letter reveals Kelly’s approval
Ruth Kelly, or to give her her full title, the beleaguered Ruth Kelly, is the foremost Catholic in the government. She was appointed as Education Secretary despite having no expertise or background in the area. Her main claim to fame is her prominent membership of the loony Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic organisation that follows a strict Vatican line on contraception, embryo research, cloning and abortion – an interesting conundrum when you are the minister in control of the research budget.
Presumably, Ms Kelly would be happy for any of her many children to be taught by the convicted sex offender to whom she wrote last year. The gist of her letter is: “You’ve been a naughty boy, but you’ve said sorry, so we’ll hear no more about it.” This is, of course, the classic response of Catholic institutions when they discover evidence of child abuse. The events at Ampleforth, Britain’s most prestigious Catholic school, is only the latest in a long line of similar cases.
So we shouldn’t be surprised at Ms Kelly’s response. She’s obviously practising Christian forgiveness.

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