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I always disliked Mick Hucknall. Something to do with the hair and the support for that Stretford team, I expect. Now the Observer’s profile of him confirms that, as I suspected all along, I was right. He says things like “I am one of the best singer-songwriters this country has produced. Ever. If people don’t like me saying that, tough shit. People should deal with facts. You can’t sell 50m albums without something.” Brilliant logic Mick. By the same token, Jeffrey Archer is one of the best writers ever and Jack Vettriano one of the best painters. The great joy of this piece, though, is the picture, for which you need the print edition. Old Mick in his late middle age looks uncannily like Charlie Drake. Well, it made me laugh…

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  1. I’m with you all the way and for the same reasons. But as someone who specialises in English Lit I’m surprised you are so sniffy about the Olympic champion and international spy Lord Archer of the scrubs!

    I’m also disappointed that you didn’t mention Hucknell’s appalling voice – something which at his height promised so much.

  2. And I’ve just watched another Mick and some of his mates play as the half-time fillers at the Superbowl (we used to get the police band for big games at Maine Road!) – I wonder what Jagger and Richards might have to say about the Hucknall’s assertions?

  3. I’m given to understand that “Lord” A’s manuscripts are so full of errors that the editing process is much more complex than usual.
    On the interview, it’s in a series called “This Much I Know” and gives the subject’s allegedly interesting life insights…

  4. Oh dear, at what point in the recent past did someone manage to convince the populace that having money meant that your views are worth hearing? It’s much the same with footballers isn’t it? Beckham is a multimillionaire and thus his views on childcare or diet or global warming or thermonuclear dynamics or the early works of Marlowe are of value.

  5. And that’ll be on the dustcover of the next Faustus reprint. As I write this I can almost hear the engravers adding it to the plaque outside The Marlowe theatre, not 10 miles from where I’m sitting.

    Allied note – the church where Marlowe was baptised was destroyed during WWII leaving only the clock tower. It stands at the top of Canterbury High Street and is used as a meeting place and, at night, a toilet – yeuch! Anyway, a local business chap is proposing an ice-cream parlour with tables outside on the street. I wonder what Kit would make of that!

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