A Big Ask…

According to BBC Sport, “Wayne Rooney has agreed a five-book deal that will earn him at least £5m from publishers Harper Collins” It’s a lot to ask of the lad, but I’m sure with Coleen’s help, he’ll manage to read those five books in time to collect the money. I think they should make sure there are lots of pictures in them, though...

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4 Responses to “A Big Ask…”

  1. ‘Fraid so – but I’m sure he’ll be able to find a grown up to help.

    Another celeb whose values and deep seated understanding of the human psyche we’ll soon be able to read. I hope you’ll be able to make space for his books on your course 🙂

  2. Booklist for the module “Reconfiguring Scouseness”:
    Rooney, W. (2006) “Errr Me Life, like”
    Rooney W. (2007) “Wayne ‘n’ Colleeen’s Guide to Culture”
    Rooney W.(2008)(ed)”Global Perspectives on diverse masculinities within a sports context”.

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