…and relax…

The scene – our local Thresher (tip: only go there if you are buying three bottles of wine, as their pricing structure is based on 3 for 2, which works out at about supermarket prices) Two women of about 20 are in front of me. They have clearly dashed out from their workplace, because they are both wearing some kind of uniform under their coats. I can make out the words spa and relaxation on, curiously, their trousers, so I’m guessing they work in some sort of beauty parlour.
Woman number 1 is on her mobile to a friend -“We’ve had to come out to the booze shop. There’s 50 clients in there, and we’ve run out of drink. So we’ve just dashed in here to get some, and then we’ll be back.” She pays for her purchases whilst still on the phone. What did she buy? One bottle of rose Lambrusco and two cartons of orange juice. I bet the 50 clients appreciated that…

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  1. The drink wasn’t for the 50 clients. It was for the staff. I was a hairdresser once upon a time. I wish I was allowed a little bit of booze to get me through.

    I used to say to a client.
    ‘One moment please’ get out the back of the salon, scream, arrive back in and ask ‘How did you want your fringe?’

    The booze was for them Rob!

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