Would you take this teacher seriously?

This story beggars belief – or rather, it would, if it weren’t yet another example of topsyturvydom in our culture. Let’s see, now. What would I do if I had a chair that emitted farting noises when I sat on it? I’D GET ANOTHER BLEEDING CHAIR!!! This woman’s a deputy head – she could order a new chair, or just pinch one from somewhere in the school. I’m sure the lawyers love it, though, as more taxpayers’ money is spent in an utterly futile cause.

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  1. Perhaps the reporting has gone to town on one aspect. There must be more to it than this!!

    It seems odd that both the old and the new chairs made the same noises. How can we be sure it wasn’t her?

    I am at a loss as to how she came to be embarrassed on parents evenings. I would have swapped the chairs round and let one of the parents have mine. 🙂

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