History matters

The Observer | Review | The future’s in the past
Here’s a marvellous piece by the ridiculously multi-talented Stephen Fry on the importance of History. Should be compulsory reading for all with any influence on education policy.

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  1. I think many tutors in adult education also feel forced into over assisting students in order to get the required results. The really bad thing about this is that people are beginning to accept it as the norm and if the tutor doesn’t do all the work (whilst the students sit back ) the students complain. They’ve paid their money and they expect the piece of paper. They haven’t time to do any work at home, and some don’t want to think for themselves in class either. “You are the teacher – Tell me all the answers.” Some are very rude and demanding about it. I’ve noticed that people are only like this on certificated courses. Those who attend on non certificated courses are there to learn.

  2. Hey – I’ve answered in the wrong place. Nice new blog but your comments are upside-down. Doesn’t take much to confuse me.

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