I want one of these…

I’ve always respected the pig as a very noble beast, but a bit unwieldy for the suburban house. These miniature ones are the answer. If you could epitomise cuteness in a picture, this would be a contender.

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  1. Birthday quite soon actually- but I don’t think the cats would be too pleased if I came home with one of these pigs. Maybe something for the future…
    Thanks Miss Angry – I think: not sure what I said. When you get to my age, three things start to go: memory’s first, and I forget the other three…

  2. You said, “If you could epitomise cuteness in a picture, this would be a contender” and that is, in a most Spencerian manner, very sweet! I thought! And they are… sooo sweet. 🙂

    and er… my husband thought you hit the nail on the head with ‘angry’. *bows head in shame* I guess I’m just very, er, passionate.

    But – apparently new research says that swearing in the work place is beneficial for staff health, so will endeavour to rant unseen!

    It must be true – it’s in the Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/main.jhtml?xml=/portal/2007/10/18/ftramsay118.xml

  3. Rob – no nerves hit (honest)just made me think is all. In a positive way.

    It’s better than Little Ms Meek, yet not as good as Little Ms Happy (I used to be the former and hope to achieve the latter).

    Nigel and my girls add, Ms Serious, Ms Shouty, and Ms Too Loud; please speak English because we don’t understand Spanish!

    Have decided to channel all this excess energy into writing novel, and not into dirty laundry basket and marking pile! You may just have saved my novel Mr Spence (although this means I’m gonna make you read it!)

    Nogbad – I saw the piglets on tv too! Too cute.

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