Boris the Bold

This post is completely self-indulgent, though Petal will be interested. Boris is the head of our household. He had some kind of accident last year – exactly what we still don’t know – and for a while there, things looked grim. But he was soon back to his old self, bossing us about and demanding fish. Here he is anyway, meditating above and surveying his domain below. If you like this, go to Petal’s blog, where her Fidel, who looks very much like a young Boris, is currently starring.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Boris the Bold by Dr Rob Spence is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. He’s magnificent! And like Fidel, clearly no stranger to the food bowl. I’m very glad he is recovering from his accident. That white stripe down his face gives him a suitably imperious look. Fidel has also elected himself head of our domain, despite not yet being able to climb onto the sofa without help. Thanks Rob, and keep well Boris.

  2. Thank you! And he is, as you say, keen on his grub, but not at all fat. He’s very active. Fully recovered now, and has been for some time. He also has a sense of humour: he likes playing games.
    I’ll see if I can find any pics of him as a youngster and you will see how like Fidel he was.

  3. He looks like an imposing boy though. I’d like to see some kitten photos. Fidel has been trying to get our lazy Burmese boys to play, but they are reluctant to get involved with something that has such sharp teeth. Leroy still likes to play hide and seek. They are all indoor boys – we live in town and the traffic is dangerous.

  4. Fidel shows no interest in the outdoors, and he is currently tolerating first day of the marching season – penny whistles, drum bands and majorettes, lots of banners and accordions – parading past the window, without batting an eyelid.

  5. I am very pleased to meet Boris; he surely looks bossy and has a very fitting name! And what amazing eyes he has!
    I am a regular reader of your blog but never comment due to my bad English – being a regular reader I know how picky you are about the English tongue,and you are right!

  6. Hmmm…Hello anonymous, and sorry that my grumpiness over language has put you off- don’t let it, please. And it occurs to me that you might be posting from South Korea- am I right?

  7. Answer from the anonymous reader
    No, I am not in South Korea, I am just in France and it was me who asked last year how long to cook an Italian ham.
    Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable about my previous comment – an Asian reader would have been definitely more respectful and less bold than this!
    Be assured that I quite enjoy reading your posts on "language abuse" by English natives themselves; the misuse of a tongue too is the way the tongue is used, and is likely to evolve and transform. But this is a very, very old debate, of course.
    GL (I can at least put my initials – and a warm stroke to Boris from me)

  8. Damn! I thought I'd unmasked you, GL! Thanks for your comments – expressed in impeccable English, of course. And yes, no excuse needed to give Boris a stroke, so consider it done!

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