I Blog, Therefore I Am

CultureSpace: I Blog, Therefore I Am
This is interesting – suggesting how identities in cyberspace are being shaped by the blogging phenomenon. I read today that there are about 4 million active blogs and millions more that have been started but then fallen into disuse, rather like the diaries we all used to start on January 1st. Mine usually ended about January 6th when we went back to school after the Christmas break.
The way that bloggers have total control over publishing what they want is key to the whole enterprise. And we shouldn’t underestimate the role of hypertext – links are the defining feature of the web in my view, its USP if you like. Bookshops and libraries need some sort of order, and thus you can’t jump from one subject to another with the ease of hypertext. We’ve all had the experience of ending up reading something about the prevalence of gherkins as snack food in Poland when we logged on to look up the dates of Ben Jonson. Or at least, I have…

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