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Today’s Grauniad contains a couple of advertisements that caught my interest. The first is for a Business manager in a small secondary school – salary: £50,000. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I was a proper teacher, schools didn’t have business managers. One of the deputies would do all the sums, control the stock of toilet rolls, employ handymen to mend windows etc. Of course, back then – silly us – we didn’t realise that the school was a business. We thought it was about education. The headteacher of this school is named as “Spokey Wheeler”. Now, presumably this man’s (woman’s?) parents weren’t vindictive enough to name him Spokey, so this must be a nickname derived from the surname. Doubtless we are supposed to get a warm glow of matiness from this, but actually it’s risible. If you are a headteacher of a school, you should have (or aspire to) a certain gravitas. Adopting a sobriquet that makes you sound like a blackballed member of the Drones club isn’t the way to do it.
Meanwhile, another ad (and these ads cost about £30 per single column centimetre, so they aren’t exactly cheap) is looking for a “Principle” Lecturer….

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  1. I see that the business manager will earn considerably more money than the principle lecturer. Business managers are obviously more important.

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