Cartman caught out

According to Guido, the deputy prime minister’s affair with the fragrant Tracey isn’t the only one he’s had. Frankly, it matters little to me, or anyone else, apart from Mrs Prescott, who Prezza is bonking in one of his many houses. (Having said that, this has replaced the image of Major and Currie in the annals of political coition. ‘Er indoors always reminds me that Prezza looks exactly like Cartman in South Park, and the idea of him with his keks off making whoopee on the deputy prime ministerial desk is not a happy one).
What really stinks though is the idea that the revelations have been made simply so that Tracey can “tell her side of the story”. Yeah, right. If that was the case, why not simply release a statement to the media? Why go straight to Max Clifford? Couldn’t be anything to do with a sum north of £100,000 could it?

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  1. I think we should DNA test every ministerial desk surface in the country (and for that matter a few academic ones) and plot exactly who comes and goes, as it were. It would make for a fascinating column in the Guardian.

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