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Here’s a lovely piece by the always entertaining John Sutherland. It is distressing that so much unintelligible gibberish gets passed off as learned criticism these days. I always pass on to students the words of Nobel-winning scientist Peter Medawar:
No-one who sincerely believes he has something important to say will willingly run the risk of being misunderstood.”
If only they all followed that advice…

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  1. I’ve just found your blog, Rob, and have wasted nearly an hour this morning reading back through the archive. Great stuff — I love it.
    And good for John Sutherland! How I do agree with him.

  2. Yeah — of course it was a fascinating, educational, inspiring, uplifting hour, so much better than actually doing any work!

    I’m a participant on another blog — — set up by the young Indian playwrights whose workshop I was observing in the spring. They don’t all contribute but it has been a great way to keep in touch with, and get to know better, those who do. There’s been a big kerfuffle over there as the Indian govt blocked all blogs in the wake of the Mumbai bombings, though they are back online now. Some interesting links on all this on the blog.

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