Fame at last

I’m grateful to Pablo Fanque for pointing out that Topsyturvydom was recently featured in the “Blogwatch” section of the North – West Enquirer web site. By that strange internet process that James Joyce would doubtless call the commodius vicus of recirculation, the first name I saw there was that of someone I taught twenty eight years ago. It had to be him – as the football chant would have it, there’s only one Kevin Gopal…

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  1. Spooky. I read this the other day & went off to poke around the North West Enquirer, being a Lancashire lass, & when I came back your blog looked just like mine!

  2. Thanks for the nod Rob. As I’ve now become a blogger myself I’ve given you a reciprocal.

    Catching up on your archives and find myself in agreement with a lot of your thoughts.

    Good stuff.

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