Dumb WAG

The Dumb Britain column in Private Eye is always good for a laugh – recent sample:

Anne Robinson:
Which is the only letter in the alphabet with three syllables?

Contestant: Z.

They haven’t picked up this great exchange, though, which I saw on the BBC sport page:

Question on BBC1’s Test the Nation: “Who was Winston Churchill – A rapper, US President, The PM or King?”

Teddy Sheringham’s girlfriend, Danielle Lloyd: “Wasn’t he the first black president of America? There’s a statue of him near me – that’s black.”

You couldn’t make it up…

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6 Responses to “Dumb WAG”

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I caught that part of the show. We stared at each other in disbelief. Had the past 100 years of British history just passed her by?

    Well obviously yes is the answer.

    I’m betting though she’s ace on Big Bruvva, etc!

  2. When Shane Warne’s ex-wife was asked on a TV show (called something like The Biggest Brain) how to spell phlegm, she hesitated, and then said ‘f-l-e-m’. She has three chldren!!

  3. My favourite with regard to dumb questions is:

    “Now, if Jesus is supposed to be a Jew, why does he have a Spanish name?”

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