North and South

The novel by Elizabeth Gaskell used the North-South divide as its central conceit. Here’s a modern take on the phenomenon, now exacerbated by the metropolitan bias of the media. Somehow, you feel those BBC types wouldn’t be quite so discombobulated if their putative move was to, say, Brighton rather than Salford…

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  1. I like being a ‘bluff northener’. Once I was standing at the top of the Empire State building, and got talking to a couple from Baltimore. When they found I was English, they immediately assumed I must be from London and wanted to know if it was foggy ‘all the time’. They had never heard of Manchester, much less Whalley Range…

  2. Yes, I’ve had similar experiences. A hotel clerk in a small town in California thought I must be from Australia. When I said no, I was from England, he said ” I hear its very nice round there…”
    If you typed loud enough, I could probably hear you in Whalley Range…

  3. Not sure whether to blame my incompetence or this machine I am using. Anyway, apologies for messing the page.

    Nice to read something intelligent Mr Spence, of Chorlton. I will keep looking in if I may.

    See you at Old Trafford cricket ground in the Summer. Had a nice meal with your parents last night.

    s1ty m: proud mancunian too.

  4. Hi Mike – yes, I expect it was your incompetence…:-)
    Nice to hear from you, and happy new year to all the Coventry exiles.
    What are the chances of a gallant 1-0 defeat to mighty Sheff Wed today?

  5. Gallant defeat is unlikely. Hideous defeat in which the team neatly machine guns itself in its collective feet whilst giving the impression of being highly paid tarts in powder blue leotards is more likely. In fact, put a twenty on it now!

    As for The Ashes…*****.

    Nice to hear from you, superb blog.


  6. Yes, paranoia is a talent I was gifted. No idea where it comes from…

    I will enable what I need to enable so that people feel enabled to comment.


  7. Chorlton was a great place to live. Does Brooke’s Bar still exist, with its gospel churches? In my days on that side of Manchester, I lived off Upper Chorlton Road, with access to a terrific library round the corner, a beautiful cloistered seminary at the end of the road and the wonderful Throstle’s Nest pub, which I think burnt down.

  8. Hi Rob. Nothing to do with your actual Blog entry but simply to say thank you for the encouragement you offered me when I posted a Life Writing piece about Port in a Blog entry. You said it was almost worthy od being Published.

    When you commented like that I registered for the OU A215 Creative Writing Course and the result for me was a Distinction.

    Thanks again and this year I am studying 20th Century Literature:

    See what the effect of one supportive comment can do for a stranger on a Blog.

  9. Hi Morning. That’s great: I’m so glad that you were encouraged, and that you are going on to do the new course, which looks interesting – and a bit difficult in places. Good luck with that, and keep writing!

  10. If you see it as a bit difficult in places then my ride will be bumpy.

    The good thing is that it will extend my range of reading and I might even get film titles right.

    Still laughing at myself – and at your comment.

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