The Arrow

Chez Topsyturvydom, the evening meal normally takes place around 8. We tend to be accompanied by our newish digital radio (about three years’ worth of Nectar points since you ask) which is great unless it’s a Tuesday and Radio 2 has “The Organist Entertains”. If Radio 3 has what we musical boffins call “plinky plonky” music, then we turn to The Arrow. This is a digital station, and, at the times we listen anyway, sends you into a timewarp. There’s hardly any advertising, and hardly any dee-jay chattter, so I feel like I have walked into a teenage party circa 1972. Lots of Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Van Morrison, various hairy blues bands, some 60s stuff – Kinks, Beatles – a few obscurities – it’s the soundtrack to every party I attended between 1970 and 1974. Apart from a worrying predilection for Jeff Lynne era ELO, virtually every track will be very evocative for those of us just beginning to receive Saga brochures. The station announcements are always made in that portentous (and needlessly American) film trailer voice, which is somewhat incongruous for such a definitively British product, but I can put up with that, as I muse “Ou sont les neiges d’antan?” whilst trying to anticipate the lyrics to “Cindy Incidentally”…

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