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This is a neat idea – and just ready for the Christmas (sorry, Winterval) market. There’s a pleasing air of the surreal about them, which makes them more entertaining than the real signs you see around you. My recent “real” favourite is one that says “Danger – possible wet and slippery surface”. This is posted at the entrance to the showers in the gym…

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  1. Labels amuse me the most. I bought a sandwich a short while back. It came with instructions and a serving suggestion. The first instruction was to remove the wrapper and dispose of it carefully. Of course, once I had done that, I had lost the rest of the instructions. I’m afraid I was a bit lax about the whole thing – I just ate the butty. 🙂

  2. Yes. I’ve noticed that a lot of people lift the top slice and take a good look at the filling before reassembling it. I only do that when I fear the presence of cucumber.

  3. Winterval is a semi-joky (but not entirely so) replacement term for Christmas that avoids a religious reference for non-Christians. It’s a political correctness thing. Compare the actions of Derby Council, who recently banned workers from having any images of pigs at their workplace becauser of potential offence to Muslims…

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