Blair is an alien – official

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Just saw this whizzing by on the flickr Zeitgeist stream…

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  1. Here is a couple of shots I got of Tony Blair when he unexpectedly visited my workplace. ( Sorry you probably didn’t want any more photos. :-)) )
    As it was my workplace I decided not to say anything. I didn’t entirely succeed however and I got an apology for the inconvenience – and it was an inconvenience.

  2. You just can’t let it lie, can you? It really is a pain when a politician – particularly TB – decides to do a walkabout. It’s entirely for the benefit of the six o’clock news. A completely false event. Apparently, the people Bush met in New Orleans were rounded up for the photo -opp and then discarded as he left in his helicopter.
    Blair is probably not quite as crass.

  3. It was funny really. He came in an helicopter but a bus load of supporters arrived almost at the same time. ( He had to bring his own supporters because there wasn’t any at our place. :-)) I had earlier wondered why the police were searching my office and room with a fine tooth comb. I got them to look for an expensive ring which I had lost in the previous week. They didn’t find it but at least I could eliminate my workplace from the search. Other than that it was a complete waste of time and money. We didn’t even make the 6 o’clock news – Thank goodness.

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